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Check out the super helpful details below! If you're wondering how I make this magic happen without you having to leave home, reach out! I'd love to chat!

Once you book your session, you'll get a detailed guide to help you prepare, and signature sessions include an in-home styling appointment to get everything perfectly coordinated.

Newborn Session Information

Whether we come to you or you to us, read below for helpful info and a couple of pointers that will help during session day.

It is best to try and schedule your newborn session 2-3+ months before baby arrives. This will ensure you a date on my calendar, as I only offer a limited number of newborn sessions each month. 

For our Signature Newborn Session, baby will be photographed using our full variety of props and accessories – I specialize in photographing posed, sleepy newborns. Session times can vary anywhere from 2-4 hours, depending on the baby.

The Petite Newborn session is for baby only. Baby will be photographed using one color scheme and prop, and the session lasts about 1 hour depending on baby. The number of finished photos to choose from is much less than the full session, and is typically a wrapped session.

The ideal age for babies is 6-14 days old, but we accept newborns up to 8 weeks old. Older, larger newborns will typically not be able to do some of the super squishy poses, and generally prefer wrapped posing.

Please be sure to check out our blog post on our Top tips for Soothing Baby – you’ll find the super helpful wake times tip that will help for an older newborn’s session.

The easiest way to ensure a sleepy, settled baby is to keep the baby warm, and be willing to offer a pacifier and/or feed them as needed.

Burping is also very important, as any gas buildup in baby’s tummy can cause them to be upset when being positioned and moved during posing. Many parents keep gas drops on hand with pediatrician approval for older newborns.

I’ll have you start feeding your baby after I arrive, while I am setting up for our session. A fed and warm baby is a sleepy baby!

During the session, the shooting area will need to be kept quite warm for baby’s comfort. Typically, around 85 degrees. I will bring a space heater with me to help achieve this temperature.

Remember – baby just came from 98.6, so no matter how hot we are, they prefer it – especially when they’re not wrapped.

Dress comfy while you’re not being photographed – I will!

While your new baby may not take a pacifier, please keep one on hand as it will be helpful in keeping the session moving along when baby might otherwise be unsettled.

Lastly, I do bring a lot of equipment and things for the session.  For each session, I select various wraps, back drops, bowls, and accessories from my ever growing collection of props. I will coordinate colors and styles to complement your taste. The lighting takes up a bit of space. We will set up either in the dining room (or kitchen table), or a bed room – whichever has the most space and is most accessible. If you do not have a regular height table or bed, please let us know ASAP so we can plan to bring a posing surface for the baby.

At my location, older siblings must absolutely have another adult present for their care, or be brought in just for their portion of the photos.

Parent and family posing is done in front of a backdrop, space permitting, or blank wall. This will be determined during your consultation ahead of time so you get perfect photos of your newly expanded family♥

You’ll choose and purchase your photo package shortly after booking, so when the session is done, I’ll schedule a zoom call with you to go over your finished photos and pick which will be printed and where. You’ll definitely be in love with all of them and you’re welcome to upgrade your selection at that time.

Delivery time varies based on what you’ve selected, the time of year (the holidays cause a slight delay), and where you live.   

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