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Dream Catcher Newborn Prop

Now that sample sessions have kicked off, I’m so excited to use so many new things! From stuffies, to outfits, to back drops, and wraps. And of course, container props!

In addition to this beautiful and one of a kind dream catcher I hand made, there’s a whole lot of buckets, bowls, beds, and other cute newborn things. Yes, I bring them to you!

For moms to be, we have gowns and accessories, like jeweled crowns and super luxurious wings!

Dream Catcher Prop
Dream Catcher
newborn Dream catcher prop

As far as this stunning piece goes, I was inspired from my daughter’s newborn photos, 4 years ago. This is one of several prints still hanging on the wall from her session, and she LOVES them. They say that children feel important when they see their photos prominently displayed, and it’s certainly true for my wildling.

We printed it in poster size, so it’s a pretty substantial art piece, and everyone who sees it stops to check it out.

It would be absurd to suspend a baby for that perfect shot, and I’m all about safety. So I went ahead and grabbed a nice variety of photos, minus babies, with the dream catcher suspended. When it comes time to photograph a newborn, the prop will be on the floor, and the photo will then be combined (composited), to safely create the illusion that the baby is in the air. And that’s how we do it, and all the other impossibly cute poses that would otherwise be unsafe.

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