Newborn Twin Photography Session – L & L

Baby photographer Tampa


I’ve always had a fascination with twins, as they run deep in my dad’s side of the family. He and my uncle are identical. And though my uncle has lived his adult years in Europe and my dad in the US, the most minute similarities are uncanny – still!

These two sweethearts are obviously not identical! At just 12 days old, they aced their newborn session. You’d never guess from these images that this little guy weighed a whopping 2 pounds more than his sister. But it’s true, and he had the appetite to prove it!

Baby photographer Tampa

Although photographing twin newborns certainly has it's challenges,

this session was fun and fast paced. It definitely kept this photographer busy. However, I was not as busy as their mama, who now has 3 babies, 2 and under! That’s right! But somehow she still managed to be so relaxed during the session giving me total creative freedom with the styling, which I LOVED!

As all my newborn sessions, this was an in-home session. I arrived with enough equipment to have to reassure parents I’ll be leaving when it’s over! Since I bring everything needed for portrait sessions and take great care in planning and styling, I can achieve consistent results in any space. Mom was sure to mention the convenience of not having to pack up 2 newborns and drive to an unfamiliar site for portraits. Although I have one baby, I can certainly relate. Since it wasn’t too long ago, I remember clearly the awkwardness of getting myself and my new baby ready to drive 30 minutes away for our portraits. As new parents, It was the first time we went anywhere other than to check in with the pediatrician, and an exhausting day for everyone!

Even though photographing twin newborns is a bit more difficult than 1 baby, I loved this session and can’t wait for more twins in the near future! All the best to this wonderful family!

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