Exciting News! Part 1 – Sarasota Newborn Photographer

lot’s of news coming up, but first.

not to brag, but...

This might not seem like such a big deal, but so beyond huge for me. In 2020, I entered the Shoot and Share contest without any expectations and was excited that out of my 50 images submitted, 10 were ranked between top 30%, 20%, and finalist. That was super amazing to me as a 2nd year newborn photographer.

The contest didn’t happen in 2021, but when I saw it came around in Feb 2022, I quickly submitted my favorite 50 photos from the previous 2 years. When the contest started, I was hooked on voting (it’s quite addictive – 10/10, highly recommend) I’m so excited to announce that a bunch of my photos placed! 

Out of 1.1 MILLION photos submitted to the contest, I have 1 photo in the top 100! 2 Finalists, and several 20% and 30%. Here they are below! I seriously couldn’t be more grateful to the people who voted for my photos! Thank you for your support!!!


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