Bombshell Wings DIY – Part 1 (parts)

I’ve wanted to do a DIY tutorial for these gorgeous angel wings for some time now, but when I set out to make my 3rd pair and record it for y’all, I couldn’t find any feathers. Not in the colors I wanted anyway. In fact the set I’m making here was supposed to be Charcoal Gray – but that’s not what I received (but I love this color, so I’m going with it). None of the other colors I wanted have been available or were sent wrong, so when the lavender gray feathers came, I didn’t want to wait any more and do love the color. 

So keep in mind that if you’re dead-set on an exact color, you may have to get some samples and confirm the color your getting. I’ve used 3 vendors and amazon, and amazon was the easiest. It was also comparable in prices. Of all the places I ordered, the Amazon feathers had the least damaged pieces as well and were just overall the best quality. I did not try Ebay, but I will after this last set!

ostrich feather plumes

Silvery lavender Plumes

Not the charcoal I ordered but I love these and think they make a nice addition to the ivory and burgundy set. What color is next I wonder???

When pricing feathers, take note of the type. Plumes are what I used on the burgundy set, which I find fuller & super luxe looking.  I’ve only linked plumes below. The ivory set is made with spads, and you could need more than 500 if you choose this shape. These are equally beautiful, just take care to order enough of them.


You will need about 500 feathers. This will depend on how close you glue them together, how big the feathers are, how big you cut your fabric, etc. I find that when you order packs of 100, you get a few more to account for damaged pieces. You’ll see below on the feathers that there’s a few different ways to buy them. You can get 500 12-14″ feathers. (I don’t recommend getting any shorter!) But the longer ones look more luxurious – so you could get 500 14-16″ if it’s in your budget. Or you can do like me, and mix the sizes – I got 250 14-16″, and I’ll use them in the most prominent areas (the tops, and other broad areas that make sense as you’ll eventually see in this DIY series) Longer plumes could end up being too wispy and not the right feather – get a sample if you’re not sure. Keep some feathers on hand for touch-ups after normal wear and tear

Lastly, the list below is missing a couple of things. You’ll need 2 safety pins, a piece of felt (you can get in 8×10 sheets at the craft store – I suggest a color that matches your wings). And lastly, a thinner wire to keep the wings together, which you’ll see when I make them.

I 110% recommend getting 500 14-16″ feathers. Don’t skimp on feathers! You could need more if you’re heavy handed (like me). I included other sizes here incase you want to mix and match. Other colors may have a different price.

Unfortunately, Amazon denied my associate account due to the content on this site, so I could no longer include the proper links below, but did my best to list everything and you can see it all in detail in the how to post!

(5) 100 packs of 14-16″ ostrich feathers. If I make another set (which, duh, I will), I will buy 18-22″ feathers on Ebay

Solid Bare Copper wire, 6 AWG – 7 ft for 1 set of wings

Glue gun

Glue Sticks

Detachable bra straps. Get a variety, including clear, and keep extras in studio

heavy duty wire snips to cut your copper

You’ll need some rough measurements, so get a tape measure

1″ wide black felt to wrap the exposed copper for a pro finish

12″ or so piece of a thin flexible wire you can use for the cross support

Monkey Hooks – how I hang mine, and everything else

2 yards of tulle in the color of your feathers. You’ll cut this in half the long way.

A piece of felt in a similar color to your feathers. Will be used to glue feathers onto for the piece that hides the frame on back shots

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