Meet Lisa Bigness, Tampa Boudoir Photographer & Owner of Bliss Photo Collective

It was in a high school black and white film photography class that I fell in love with the art of photography.  There was something about the darkroom, film, camera, and still moments that completely captivated me. My interest in photography eventually led to me diving into my newborn and maternity photography business, Sweet Baby Bliss. 

In 2020, a few years after the birth of my daughter and after watching my own life transform from daily workouts to daily snuggles and toddler adventures, I found myself trying to reignite who I’d always been along with embracing the new pieces of myself as a mom. Inspired by my own transformation and talks with fellow photographers, I thought it might be fun to pick up the camera to explore boudoir and glamour photography – an artistic way to capture the strength and beauty of women through all their stages. As a natural creative, and a hard worker who goes full throttle on my goals, I dove into this expanded photography direction, delighted to give other women the same empowering experience I’ve had through boudoir photography.

Be You. Do You. For You.

Growing up in Boston, the daughter of Greek immigrant parents, I am no stranger to hard work. My dad, an auto body repair shop owner, inspired the no-nonsense go-getter in me. I’m as comfortable tinkering with a car as I am putting on a splash of bright lipstick, and I’m always down for any reason to glam up.

I loves seeing pictures of myself which exude strength, beauty, and personality, and I want to give women photography sessions that offer them the same. From the time the client arrives for their boudoir experience, I create an environment that gives each client a connection to herself and comfort to be open to embrace all she is- girly, quirky, smart, shy, bold, or glamorous.

There is professional reward in seeing the final photography product, but I really enjoy the work of moving around my clients to capture in my lens the unique beauty of each woman.

A Few Other Fun Facts About Me

Coffee is an all day affair for me.
2am is a perfectly acceptable
time for a fresh cup


manicureCreated by Alice Noirfrom the Noun Project

I hoard an insane number of
nail polishes – over 100
polishes, dips, and gels


I have an intense collection
of beach findings from beaches
all over the world


I can’t say no to a Beach Day

I hoard photos and music on my computer in a super organized system

I love Reggae and EDM the most

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